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Yak Gear

Whether you prefer to take to the water with a canoe, SUP or kayak, accessories and equipment matter. YakGear has everything you need to gear up and get out. Customize your boating experience any way you want it. Your Yak, Your rules.

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Tailin Toads

Made by Anglers for Anglers Tailin' Toads offers an awesome selection of fingerless glovez ,face shieldz, rod/reel coverz, paddle coverz, sockz, microfiber hats and performance shirtz & hoodz for anyone from competitive anglers, kayak lovers and sup anglers to the weekend angler who loves being on the water!! These cool fingerless gloves, Shieldz, Sockz and Performance Apparel protect your skin from harmful uv rays by proving upf 50+ uv protection which helps eliminate your risk of skin cancer and sun spots!

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3JD Lures

3JDLures is a family business that is devoted to the best quality of soft plastics. Our Inverted Paddletail action has been proven a must in any tacklebox. We have a wide variety of colors that can be thrown in salt or freshwater. The inspiration came from fishing in the early mornings with my pops (Turk). Hearing stories from fishing Lighthouse Lagoons, Red Flats, to Sunken Barge Cut in Aransas Pass. So now I'm giving others a soft plastic they can trust to hook up and make memories. Happy Fishing! ​ Jim Jack Phillips- Owner/Founder

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Salty Head

"These hooks are LEGIT!!!! If you haven't fished an offset hook you are REALLY MISSING OUT!!! Give them a try and I bet you will not be let down!!" JIM JACK PHILLIPS

"One of the best jig heads that I use. Very sharp and reliable. You will not be disappointed." JR REYNA

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Lure Lock

The World's Best Tackle Management The most revolutionary product on the market. Lure Lock was developed by the pros with professional fisherman in mind with critical attention to every detail.

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Deadly Dudley

Originating in Slidell, Louisiana, this unique lure company has been thriving for nearly 25 years. It was established by the iconic Captain Dudley Vandenborre during a fishing trip on Lake Ponchartrain. It is presently owned by Paul Falgout, who is an avid and experienced angler himself. Paul decided to take ownership in this company, not only to be able to fish on the job, but for what the lures offer….a simple experience. Whether it’s an experience of watching the sunrise with a friend, the thrill of catching your first keeper, to pass the time, or, in Paul’s case teaching your kids and grandkids the love of the sport, the simplicity of fishing has always started with hooking a bait. Whatever your experience may be, Deadly Dudley has a lure to get it started. Give’em what they want. Give’em the Dudley.

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Buck n Bass

A single drop of water can make you lose your focus, your edge and maybe your catch. That's why we obsessed over every waterproofing detail in the RESERVOIR RAIN SHELL SERIES, starting with the fabric. Iron Shell™ Dry is a revolutionary fabric, with a 49,000+ water column rating, and 6X more waterproof performance in the field than the competition. Made without a harmful teflon membrane, Iron Shell won't easily delaminate over time like other waterproof/breathable fabrics.
UNDENIABLY DRY™ Other fabrics and other brands will keep you dry. But for how long? Iron Shell™ Dry will keep you dry for 8h no matter how heavy the rain is. Simply put, BUCK N' BASS performance apparel will keep you dry and out on the water, long after the competition has called it a day.

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Stinky Pants

Stinky Pants' humble beginning started out back in 2006 when I decided to make myself a stringer because I was unhappy with the stringers that were on the market. I wanted something durable and slick, so coated wire was the answer. Soon I was making them for my friends, and their friends. During all of this my son Wyatt was born and I was living the dream changing poopy diapers, so the name Stinky Pants just seemed to fit. Over the years I have made subtle changes to improve my design, but the same theme remains. I hand make each and every stringer in my shop in Boerne, Texas to give the avid angler the best possible stringer they can get. As a full time teacher, the stringer business is not something I was pursuing, but it just grew organically. The business is a labor of love that I take great pride in, and stand behind fully. I am not in it to make a fortune, but rather produce something I felt the fishing industry was sorely missing. The people I have met and friendships I have made from starting this little company are reward enough to continue on in my old fashion ways of making each stringer by hand.

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KDEN Lures

I still remember this one moment, it was an incredible feeling. I walked out to the water from our home and chunked my swim bait as far as my reel would allow and began the retrieve. About three seconds into it, BAM!!! It was on, as I’m trying to land this fish it dawned on me, I don’t have a net and I’m standing on a pier about three feet above the water. I then decided to jump off the pier into the mud so I could land this big boy. There was no way I was going to lose the first fish that I had ever caught on my lures. So there I was, standing in knee deep mud, rod in my mouth, holding a 21’ red. At this point I was on cloud nine! I hauled butt back into our house, smiling from ear to ear. My wife was less than impressed but I think she was proud too, she just showed it a little differently due to the circumstances. She did take out her phone and take a picture because she knew it was special too. A year later here we are, our daughter just turned two years old and I’m fulfilling lure orders from people all over the Gulf Coast and some Northerners who love it for bass fishing. We have come a long way from making clay molds in the kitchen. I truly believe our swim baits are one of the best on the market and will withstand the bite of many fish, allowing you to fish more and not deal with replacing several torn baits. I really hope you enjoy these lures as much as I enjoy making them.

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